Alumni Foundation

The Alumni Foundation

The Western Hills Alumni Foundation

The Western Hills Alumni Foundation, incorporated as a non-profit organization, provides assistance to the educational programs of the school through alumni donations since 1988. These contributions are the means to help the students and the school.

  • New state of the art sound system in the auditorium
  • Refurbishing the murals
  • Acquiring supplemental textbooks ,equipment, calculators and computers for classroom needs
  • Hosting the Academic Awards dinner
  • Funding field trips
  • Academic and attendance awards
  • Weight room Equipment
  • Updating the library with new books
  • Creating a new teacher lounge
  • Funding the annual newsletter

Alumni Night

Alumni Night, held each spring, provides a chance to tour the school and have a catered meal in the main lunchroom. A show by the Alumni Band and Chorus as well as the presentation of the MAROON Award follows in the main auditorium.

Maroon Award

The Maroon Award was established in 1988 to recognize West High graduates who have distinguished themselves through important contributions to or exceptional achievements in many fields of endeavor. The graduates to be honored should have made important impacts on society through professional, vocational or volunteer activities. Service to the public is important.