Our School


This is My School

A. J. Brady 1955

This is my school, I sing her praises to the sky
I shout her praises loud and high, this is my school.
This is my school, she stands for light, she stands for truth
A shining symbol for our youth, this is my school.
May thy children bring thee fame and never disgrace thy name
God bless and keep thee strong and never harbor thee no wrong.
This is my school, in her my hopes and fears are born,
On her may years of peace adorn, This is my school.
We have the sciences and the social studies,
We have business studies and home economics
We have languages and sports,
We have art and we have music and rhythm and dancing.
This is my school, I sing her glory to the sky,
I shout her praises loud and high,


Battle Song

Fight, fight, fight’s our battle song
We’ll fight, fight, fight as we go on
We’ll fight, fight, fight with all our main and might
For West Hi on the hill.
We’re here to fight right with our team
We’ll fight, fight for Maroon and Cream
West Hi Best Hi West Hi
For dear old West Hi on the hill.

The Victory Song

Oh we must fight and win this game
For our Western’s dear old name.
And we will cheer our fighting team
Come on Maroon and Cream, hold that line.
Now we will sing our challenge high
Until our banners touch the sky
And, oh, we’ll score and score ’til we can score no more
To the tune of our victory cry.

Alma Mater

Enthroned high on lofty hills, 

Enshrined in sunset hues,

Reigns Western Hills, a queen beloved,

The sight our vision thrills,

Oh, lovely thou, of stately mien,

Fair source of every art,

With tongue, with pen, with mind, with heart,

We'll honor thee, oh queen




Fair Western Hills, dear Western Hills,

Long may thy pow’r be strong

O’er homes, o’er hearts, o’er minds, o’er souls

For light, for truth, ’gainst wrong,

Fair Western Hills, dear Western Hills

I make this pledge to thee,

With all my might to strive for light

That truth may make men free.